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Version 3 looks peachy when you use:

  • A CSS-capable browser
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 6+, and Opera 6+ are the preferred browsers of The Spazowham Gallery, Version 3.

  • A big, vibrant display
    True color doesn't exist, but setting your computer's monitor to display 24-bit color or better will make your experience here that much better. This site is designed to work beautifully in all common resolutions from 640x480 up to 1600x1200 pixels.

  • A fast Internet connection
    You can get by on a 56k. I get by on my 28.8 modem. Either way, life and this site are best with something Broadband (i.e. cable or DSL), or if you're so lucky to be living in the armpits of your local university, glorious ethernet.

  • A computer younger than that well-worn pair of shoes you adore.
    I surf the net on a Pentium 166 MMX laptop, and it handles my website like I handle math, which is to say that it can, just not efficiently or particularly well. Twentieth-century technology still works here, just make sure the processor is at least Pentium II, K6, G3, or something in that range.

  • Deodorant
    Life in general is peachy when you use it. Unless you get rashes. In which case, consult a doctor.

Please enjoy your visit. Or else.