In purely technical terms, a single mark on a surface is a complete drawing. But those are purely technical terms, and I don't believe that my work achieves that level of purity and transcendence. Because it doesn't.

I've been drawing well (to the point where other people acknowledge that I might be good at it) since I was five or so, possibly younger. The pieces featured on this page are sketches and drawings that I made in my more recent life, and, as the title suggests, on jetliners and in classrooms, when I should've been sleeping and taking notes to advance my education, respectively. Those places just happen to be very inspiring despite the lack of emotional strings attached. Nearly all of these sketches are made on low-quality photocopy paper with my school pencils or rollerball ink pens I picked up at Office Depot or someplace. Some are on the same page as economics formulae or other chicken-scratch markings, and would probably not be suitable for public display as they were. But they still came out nicely, and with these ill-timed practices, not to mention two quarters of drawing classes thus far at UC Irvine, I've developed my drawing talents into my prime form of artistic impression.

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