My parents bought the first family computer in 1990, and it wasn't long after that with the magic of its 386 processor and the Tempra image editing program that I began my forays into digital art and illustration. Those experiences were bolstered by two years of Adobe Photoshop learn-by-immersion for my high school yearbook, and so my technical expertise grew along with my ability to express myself creatively through digital media.

Most of the following images, manipulations, and general bits of madness were created over the past few years and aged gracefully in the oak-barrel that is my computer's hard disk. Photoshop is the medium for most of these pieces, but earlier images were made in Paint Shop Pro, and the eldest image on display here harkens back to those aforementioned days of the family 386 and Tempra. I've probably improved since then, at least on a technical level. Some of it is art, some of it is luck, and some of it is good.

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