Sometimes a crumb falls
from the table of joy,
a bone is flung

To some,
love is given,
to others,
only heaven.

Langston Hughes, "Luck"

an artist sleeps here.

Resume available here
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*The original draft of this autobiographical capsule was far more depressing and obtuse, so I've scrapped it and an accompanying Hunter S. Thompson quotation so as not to frighten my fringe acquaintances, whose sporadic presence in my life I value so much.

After years of drawing benignly and working sink-or-swim with desktop publishing software, I became a studio art major and a digital arts minor at the University of California, Irvine. In the course of my coursework, I've embarked upon the captive and expensive journey of artistic photography, and I have also improved at both drawing and digital recently, if only in technical aspects.

After I earn my degree, I would like to make my living as a freelance graphic designer (and I'm already on my way). If you like what you see here, remember that I'm up for hire and learning more everyday.

I am a fan of visual poetry and architecture, and while those two subjects are the veritable sum of my work at this point, I feel that there is equal language spoken in presentation and content. I love experimenting with different combinations of media and materials to represent themes and emotions.

I don't know yet if there will be a point to all of it; a masterplan, so to speak. Good artists are determined by lay critics and history, so I'm not about to worry about a legacy that's out of my hands. I'd like to be a better photographer though, and with some more time and money, that goal will be in reach.

Outside of visual arts, I've also dipped my brush in fiction writing, and I'd like to try my hand at some turntables one of these days. I also played clarinet in middle school and high school. Some of the fiction has come out well, if not a bit banal, and early indications tell me to stick to listening to music, selling it, and occasionally writing about it.

I've lived in Southern California for a vast majority of my life (the past 14 years or so), and while it's an interesting place, I love traveling outside the scope of my familiarity (and out of the country). I also enjoy collecting and sending postcards, clipping humorous and interesting photographs from periodicals, being a music nerd, cooking and eating, and finding things in life about which I can be sarcastic (and there are plenty, especially in mine).

I find most of my happiness in ice cream and sleeping on crisp, warm bedsheets fresh from the dryer. On some days, I'm easily amused. And in the end, I realize that unless my stated mission in life is to save the world, I'm not failing miserably at everything I do. That, and the love you take is equal to the love you make.